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  • Tour Marquee Video: George on Sylvia - Some people brighten up a room when they walk in it, and others make jaws drop to the floor, well on this particular day we experienced both as the stunning Sylvia walked in to see us. She stands an elegant 5ft10 with a gorgeous model's body and a face you can only describe as supermodel perfect. When she stripped off we were all in awe of her pert firm breasts and slender tanned body, and so was George who got stuck in straight away and started paying immediate attention to her bosom. But it wasn't long before he had to make a b-line for her neat little pussy, stretching open her lips and slipping his fingers deep inside her, which she loved, responding with a gasp of air and a sexy groan. After a short while George found himself getting a hand job from this beauty and before he exploded all over her he got her on top and sunk his hard meat deep inside, he soaked up the sensations until he finally succumbed to the beauty that laid before him and blew his load right up inside her.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Like Silk - The first thing Martin said to us after this photo set with the beautiful Violette was 'Her pussy feels like silk'. So it was very easy for us to come up with the title for this scene. Violette also loved the feel of Martin's thick cock sliding in and out of her. But what she loved most was his tongue and how he was able to give her two orgasms by expertly eating her perfect pussy. She was an extremely satisfied young woman come the end of the day.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Cream Pie Compilation 2 - We all love cream pies so here's a real treat for you, another tasty compilation of some of the best cream pie images we have. There is something incredibly sexy about the woman you're fucking wanting to feel you spill your load deep inside her, the warmth filling her up. In this collection see Lola's sweet soft pussy oozing with thick warm cum, playing with her clit and spreading the liquid all over her fingers. Or watch as Thomas slides deep, deep inside Linette to release his load and as he pulls out we see it spill out of her tight hole. Of course there are plenty more cum filled pussy images inside to satisfy your cream pie craving.
  • Tour Marquee Video: George on Silvia - George is a real Pro at what he does and takes his job very seriously, massaging women and soothing their pains away gives him real satisfaction, but every now and then a girl comes in for a treatment that rocks his world and he finds it hard to hide his erection escaping from his linen uniform. This was the exact scenario when 22 year old Silvie came and started to playfully flirt with George and was soon naked with her legs up, exposing her tight little box and asking to have her hip fixed. Well even a saint could not refrain from such temptation and George is only human after all, so he soon found himself rubbing oil into the girl's plump pussy lips and proceeding to slip his fingers deep in her petite hole causing her to gasp and hold the bed sheets as she shuddered with pleasure. She soon had George on his back as she unleashed his hard weapon from his trousers, and staring him in the eyes she started to suck and lick it till he almost blew his load, but fear not George reversed the charges and had her on her back as he pounded her in many different ways before leaving her young swollen pussy dripping full of hot man sauce.
  • Tour Marquee Video: George on Violette - George's latest client Violette was a beautiful young teen whose body he knew intimately and whose character he knew as a shy and quiet girl. When she arrived this time it seemed that she was no longer a shrinking violet but a confident and radiant young girl oozing sexuality from every pour. Life had tapped her on the shoulder and she was alive! She had a big smile on her face as she undressed and revealed her firm body and plump juicy bum, she knew she was on top form and was proud of it. George wasted no time and was chomping at the bit to get his hands all over her, it was an explosion of sexual energy just waiting to go off, and inevitably it did.

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Tour Video: You know what, I didn't think I had an interview lined up today... Well, turns out I had. Lucky really as I was just on my way out for lunch when she turned up on my doorstep. So I ask her, are you here for the interview, she says, yes. So we go back upstairs and get straight into it. I was bloody hank marvin so I thought, bollocks, I'm going to see what she says if I just ask her to strip off. Why not, what the worst that could happen? Hey presto, she agree's, but hesitantly. I must say, this bird looks just as good with her clothes on as she does with them off. After getting her to very nearly cum on the couch through a little pussy play I fancied a taste of that sweet little pussy myself, and boy did it taste sweet, I was like a busy little worker bee collecting pussy juice and I got it all over my chops. Then I set about squeezing my cock into her velvet hole in a variety of positions, but paying attention to doggy style as she has got a tremendous arse. After debating whether or not to blow my load over her face or arse it actually ended up in her pussy. Creampie delight. Afterwards I tell her that the interview went very well and to my complete amazement she says, good, so have I got the typists job then? Typists job, what fucking typists job? She's only gone to the wrong fucking interview! Laughed my bloody socks off. Enjoy.
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Tour Video: Pepa was paler then a bottle of milk when he entered the office, he looked like Casper the friendly ghost and my first thought was this guy needs some sunlight. I almost opened the window, sat him by it and force fed him vitamin D. As it turns out he just hasn't been sleeping well due to working late nights as a bartender. He had a good body and was a very sexy 20 years old, I love young studs, they make up for lack of experience with the enthusiasm of a rabbit with a Duracell battery stuck up its ass. Anyway, I digress, I was very horny this weekend and as I started the interview I sucked on my blue dildo very seductively and the poor stud was transfixed. He couldn't take his eyes off me as I sucked and licked the blue toy. I could see he was getting turned on. Turns out he had done some shooting before so he must be able to fuck good, so I decided to test him out after my usual spiel and I didn't beat around the bush. I told him to take his clothes off or leave my office. It wasn't long before the eager buck was trying to finger my pussy when all I wanted was a good licking but he got the message eventually. Then it was time to feel his length inside me. I mounted him in cowgirl, I love this position and the control it gives me, and I began to fuck him, alternating between slow and fast. His cock felt so good stretching out my tight pussy. I didn't think he was going to last but somehow he did and I decided to test his licking skills once more. He was much better this time and my orgasm hit me like a train of pleasure, I had to get him to stop as my clit became over-sensitive after being engorged with my orgasm. I laid back on the couch and asked him to fuck em once more and he ploughed into me with the energy of youth. I asked him to cum inside me, and it wasn't long be fore he claimed he did. I didn't feel anything at first so I thought he was lying but there was something there, his cum shot was just so small he must have been wanking all morning. Anyway, a very pleasurable casting with a handsome stud who could fuck well. Enjoy.
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Tour Video: This young lady was just out to visit her friends and after a little chat I asked if I could interest her in a bit of fun with an older man, as her boyfriend wasn't doing the trick. With a bit of cash added to the mix she was well up for it, I couldn't wait to get my tongue all over her pussy. No matter what perverted ideas I threw her way this girl was willing to try them, and made no fuss about any of them whatsoever. The way she responded to me asking her to stick her tongue as deep into my asshole as she could was like I'd just asked if she fancied a cup of tea, or if maybe she'd like the paper when I'd finished with it.
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Tour Video: It's always good to have girls who can relax in front of a camera and let themselves go in the moment, lucky for George this is what happened today. Billie was on the table; with her fantastic body and big breasts she is a cracker and was bubbling with expectation and excitement, ready for a great rub down and whatever else was to follow. It all started off very professional with a bum and foot rub but George found it impossible to resist massaging Bille's unbelievable tits which look almost unreal as they are so perfect in every way and once he had touched them he nearly ripped a hole in his trousers! He just had to go down on her pussy to lick and taste the juices she had on offer, this was followed by a good fingering and subsequently George got his throbbing cock out and pushed it deep inside her which was met by welcoming yelps and groans. Billie was enjoying every stroke and was soon coming hard all over George's swollen package, after the first orgasm George slipped his fingers back in her wet hole, making her pussy squelch and her to scream with pleasure, twisting her body all over the place as she came once again. With her pussy juice dripping down her bum cheeks on to the table below George stuck his cock inside her, taking those creamy juices which now adorned his cock and putting them in Billie's mouth as she sucked his cock dry. But this was far from the last action of the day…
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Tour Video: I caught up with my new neighbour Lucie. She has recently moved in nearby. I pretended I needed a short interview with her on camera for a fake web site. I got her back to my room and the only real questions I wanted to know were can I please have a look at her incredible breasts and if the answer to that is positive then my next question is how much it would cost me to fuck her? I'd been fantasising 
about just seeing her naked, let alone getting my hands on her and cock inside, but today was my lucky day!
  • Video Thumb1 Lucie C
  • Video Thumb2 Lucie C
  • Video Thumb3 Lucie C
  • Video Thumb4 Lucie C

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Tour Video: Experience pays off in this business so combining contract girl Gina with stallion George for another scene together was absolutely necessary. We know our Gina loves sucking cock and she loves nothing more than George's hard length, she sucks on it like it's her favourite lollipop at times taking it all into her mouth! She's hungry for his cum but George wants a taste of her pussy first. After plenty of orgasm filled foreplay Gina finally let's him slide deep inside her moist pussy, fucking her hard until, after an incredible build up they both get their release.
  • Video Thumb1 Where Are You Going
  • Video Thumb2 Where Are You Going
  • Video Thumb3 Where Are You Going
  • Video Thumb4 Where Are You Going

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