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  • Tour Marquee Video: George on Sylvia - Some people brighten up a room when they walk in it, and others make jaws drop to the floor, well on this particular day we experienced both as the stunning Sylvia walked in to see us. She stands an elegant 5ft10 with a gorgeous model's body and a face you can only describe as supermodel perfect. When she stripped off we were all in awe of her pert firm breasts and slender tanned body, and so was George who got stuck in straight away and started paying immediate attention to her bosom. But it wasn't long before he had to make a b-line for her neat little pussy, stretching open her lips and slipping his fingers deep inside her, which she loved, responding with a gasp of air and a sexy groan. After a short while George found himself getting a hand job from this beauty and before he exploded all over her he got her on top and sunk his hard meat deep inside, he soaked up the sensations until he finally succumbed to the beauty that laid before him and blew his load right up inside her.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Like Silk - The first thing Martin said to us after this photo set with the beautiful Violette was 'Her pussy feels like silk'. So it was very easy for us to come up with the title for this scene. Violette also loved the feel of Martin's thick cock sliding in and out of her. But what she loved most was his tongue and how he was able to give her two orgasms by expertly eating her perfect pussy. She was an extremely satisfied young woman come the end of the day.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Cream Pie Compilation 2 - We all love cream pies so here's a real treat for you, another tasty compilation of some of the best cream pie images we have. There is something incredibly sexy about the woman you're fucking wanting to feel you spill your load deep inside her, the warmth filling her up. In this collection see Lola's sweet soft pussy oozing with thick warm cum, playing with her clit and spreading the liquid all over her fingers. Or watch as Thomas slides deep, deep inside Linette to release his load and as he pulls out we see it spill out of her tight hole. Of course there are plenty more cum filled pussy images inside to satisfy your cream pie craving.
  • Tour Marquee Video: George on Silvia - George is a real Pro at what he does and takes his job very seriously, massaging women and soothing their pains away gives him real satisfaction, but every now and then a girl comes in for a treatment that rocks his world and he finds it hard to hide his erection escaping from his linen uniform. This was the exact scenario when 22 year old Silvie came and started to playfully flirt with George and was soon naked with her legs up, exposing her tight little box and asking to have her hip fixed. Well even a saint could not refrain from such temptation and George is only human after all, so he soon found himself rubbing oil into the girl's plump pussy lips and proceeding to slip his fingers deep in her petite hole causing her to gasp and hold the bed sheets as she shuddered with pleasure. She soon had George on his back as she unleashed his hard weapon from his trousers, and staring him in the eyes she started to suck and lick it till he almost blew his load, but fear not George reversed the charges and had her on her back as he pounded her in many different ways before leaving her young swollen pussy dripping full of hot man sauce.
  • Tour Marquee Video: George on Violette - George's latest client Violette was a beautiful young teen whose body he knew intimately and whose character he knew as a shy and quiet girl. When she arrived this time it seemed that she was no longer a shrinking violet but a confident and radiant young girl oozing sexuality from every pour. Life had tapped her on the shoulder and she was alive! She had a big smile on her face as she undressed and revealed her firm body and plump juicy bum, she knew she was on top form and was proud of it. George wasted no time and was chomping at the bit to get his hands all over her, it was an explosion of sexual energy just waiting to go off, and inevitably it did.

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Tour Video: Nancy and Steve enjoy spending time together so when laid on the bed together sharing chit chat and naughty glances we knew where this was heading. Steve can't resist Nancy's milky boobs and gets her senses tingling by playing with them, it's not long before Steve slides down between her thighs and laps up her sweet nectar. Longing to feel him inside her she goes down on him, getting him really hard and ready to satisfy her completely.
  • Video Thumb1 Hungry For Him
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Tour Video: After asking a few of the usual suspect questions, I find out that Lexi is only here for money. Well, as you know, I can set her up with 2,000 a day (snigger). So I sell her the dream, and she goes for it, hook line and sinker. Beautiful. So I get her to strip.... and she reveals some of the sexiest red and black underwear and a set of red rose detailed stockings and suspenders. At the sight of this my cock sprang to attention and was like a whippet eager to be set free from its cage. Then she slowly pulled down her knickers to reveal a perfectly formed tanned arse. Jackpot. So I get her to sit back down and start playing with her pussy, and what a pussy, perfect, pink and tight, just how I like it. It wasn't long before I'd warmed her right up, relaxed, ready to do just about anything. So I set my cock free into her mouth, and she gave me a fantastic blowjob, a very skilled girl I must say, followed by bit of anal play (that's my arse, not hers!). As she'd treated me so well I had to go down on her too, where I licked and fingered her into ecstasy. Then onto the main course, delving deep into her tight pink hole in a number of my utmost favourite positions, slapping her perfectly formed arse along the way, I might add. Now, I normally like to empty my balls all over a pretty face, but as I said, I'd fallen hard for this one. There was only one place my little white army was going and it was straight up her pussy. Well, happy Valentines Lexi. You made my fucking day. Enjoy.
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Tour Video: In this scene I have to do a lot of running. Every time I find a great place to fuck this sexy dark haired girl, somebody comes and we have to keep moving to somewhere else. Jessie accepts my sex for cash offer after she fell for my fake modelling story. I could tell that she really need extra money. She told me that her job was gluing boxes together in a factory. The only glue she will see from me will be going straight into her wet pussy.
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Tour Video: This college coed was trying to get registered at a new clinic after moving from the countryside to attend university in the city. She must have liked the look of my private practice because I am cheap! It was a perfect opportunity to give her a general check-up and get to see how far I could go with my
  • Video Thumb1 Silvia at the Doctor's
  • Video Thumb2 Silvia at the Doctor's
  • Video Thumb3 Silvia at the Doctor's
  • Video Thumb4 Silvia at the Doctor's

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Tour Video: It seems that work had dried up for haven as she had been too many times to the states to work and had visa problems. So she had come to me once more looking for money. Haven was single now and had done some work with some professional cocksmiths so she said she was ready to accept my system. Was she ever! Watching her red curls cascade past my nuts as she took me deep into her throat was one of the most delightful scenes I've witnessed in a long time. The inside of her mouth felt like a wet silk glove and it sucked me deep and hard into a whirlpool of spit. Then we fucked in all different positions and her pussy was just as I thought it would be, clenching Jimmy Junior and almost refusing to let go. Her cream skin turned red as we fucked and I loved watching her arse slapping up and down as she rode me. I ended up busting a nut inside her, then pulling and coating the remaining population pudding on the backs of her thighs. A beautiful girl with the sexual skills of a cock predator. Her moans of delight will stay with me for many nights as I remember this fuck.
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Tour Video: George has always had an aching for Ivy so he was especially pleased to get her on the table again. She looked amazing as always and full of joy with beaming big brown eyes. No time was wasted getting Ivy naked and oil rubbed into her hot body from head to toe, but then George had a new tool to show Ivy, a small pocket vibrator which he was soon pressing against her clit until she had a deep knee trembling orgasm. Ivy was now extremely horny and she gave George a hand job before he slipped on a vibrating cock ring for Ivy's pleasure while she rode his hard dick. They carried on their filthy encounter until Ivy came again and George blew his hot sauce right up her young hole, the two watching as it slid out.
  • Video Thumb1 George On Ivy
  • Video Thumb2 George On Ivy
  • Video Thumb3 George On Ivy
  • Video Thumb4 George On Ivy

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